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Honey, I Joined A Cult wants to recruit you in September

World of worships

We have all been waiting, waiting, waiting for Honey, I Joined A Cult to open its doors. Well, finally, the ascension to our better selves is near. The Prison Architect-ish cult builder is launching in early access in September. Open your minds to the trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoHoney, I Joined A Cult | Steam Early Access Date Reveal Trailer

You’re in charge of a burgeoning religion. You choose the deity, design the HQ, and send them out on cult business. You're not the leader, though. They exist to make their own demands of you. Keeping them happy leads to better sermons which brings in more resources.

You'll need them. The cult’s beginnings look necessarily humble, with people sleeping on the floor and the plumbing tech tree starting with an overflowing bucket. Do good, expand the tech tree and your poopers could eventually be sitting on a gold toilet bowl.

What intrigues me about HIJAC is how you’ll deal with the outside world. You have to manange the public perception of your growing religion. Notoriety is measured in "heat", which you have to manange with activities like sending your team out to mingle among protestors at a town hall. There are more nefarious missions, too. You can rob local museums for ancient artifacts. These external assignments have skill requirements. You have to select the correct supplicants, who each have a rating that’ll hint at the likelihood of success. Failure won’t just displease the leader, but will also increase your heat rating, leading to potential police raids on your HQ.

There's quite a lot to balance. I can't imagine that the glorious leader will be happy if his "ascension" is iterrupted by the police knocking on his toilet door. He sermoned hard to afford that golden throne.

The early access release date for for Honey, I Joined A Cult is Sept 14.

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