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Honey, I Joined A Cult's messianic management sim comes to early access next year

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As Prison Architect proved, you can hide dark themes inside a cute wrapper and people will swallow it. It now looks like the ‘70s set Honey, I Joined A Cult is trying to pull off the same trick.

The upcoming cult management sim just got a shiny new trailer, and confirms it's coming to early access in 2021. The pitch is that you design a cult HQ and recruit acolytes to your ‘cause’ while dealing with the nosey press (ugh, hate those guys) and rival heretics. I’ve double-checked and the trailer contains no subliminal messages. Now join us, brothers and sisters! I mean, let’s watch the trailer. Ahahhahaa.

Fixed grins and odd headwear. Yup, that’s a cult alright. As you can see, it has much in common with Prison Architect, by which I mean basically everything apart from the theme. You’ll drag and drop your HQ’s various annexes, you’ll control where people poop and sleep, and build polygraph rooms and hypno chambers. Hence the reason a lot of the people in the trailer are walking around with a dazed expression. A neat twist I liked is that your particular tech tree and missions will be tied to your choice of deity. Don't go thinking you're the all-powerful one, though. The cult will have its own leader, and you'll have to appease their ego to make the whole thing work.

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The comedic edge is welcome. It could be quite a grind on your soul if you were doing this without any fun relief. Taking over every aspect of someone's life? Heavy. Taking over every aspect of someone’s life while making them wear an octopus on their head? Hilarious.

Honey, I Joined A Cult releases in early access on Steam next year.

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