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Hood: Outlaws & Legends introduces the stealthy Ranger class

Can you shoot with the best of 'em?

Sumo Digital's multiplayer Robin 'em up Hood: Outlaws & Legends is arriving this May. In preparation for all that competitive heisting, they've now introduced one of the classes you'll be playing as. That's right, the iconic bow boy himself. A new trailer shows off the Ranger and the abilities you'll use to nab that government gold before your rival outlaws.

If you'd yet to spot Hood, it's one of those PvPvE situations where two teams of four outlaws compete against one another to grab a chest of gold from the baddies. If you go with the Ranger class, you'll be using a longbow to pull off stealthy headshots. They've got a few other handy abilities you can see down here in this new trailer trailer.

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"Shoot down climbing ropes to allow your teammates to scale castle walls, use your unique gear to blind foes in a flash, use your special ability to tag enemies longer and help your team spot State soldiers and opposing players, or fire off special explosive arrows to unleash destruction in a wide area," they say.

You can also spot the Ranger doing a fair bit of dodging and evading when in direct combat with stronger enemies. They may be best at scouting and evading and shooting from the shadows, but the Ranger has at least one big trick for making a scene. Their ultimate ability is an explosive area of effect arrow.

It all sounds well and good. Hood piqued my interest back when it was first announced because I'm always curious about a bit of sneaky archer-ing. My only concern is that I'll besmirch Robin Hood's good name with my poor skills. I don't think an arrow to the knee will impress the Sherwood folks, will it?

Focus Home Interactive say that Hood's three other classes will be introduced in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for more videos if you're keen.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends will launch on May 10th. You can spot it over on Steam where it will sell for £27/€30/$30.

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