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Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a new PvPvE multiplayer heist game based on Robin Hood

A real steal

Though Robin Hood was famously surrounded by his Merry Men, the newly-announced Hood: Outlaws & Legends is “a dark and gritty re-imagining of the Robin Hood legend”. Unveiled last night during Sony's State Of Play stream, Hood is a heist game where two teams of four aim to nab the same prize, fighting both AI guards and each other - a bit like Hunt: Showdown but with more tights. It looks like it has mixture of stealth and head bashing with friends, something I'm always up for.

Each team has to steal a treasure chest from The State, the oppressive government who's hoarding all the wealth. Teamwork is key to both locating the treasure and escaping with it. There's a small in-game moment in the trailer below (that’s otherwise heavily CGI-based) that shows a beast of a man holding up a gate as his team sprints on through it. If it's full of moments like that, I’m into it. Especially if there's the threat of the other team watching what you're doing, nocking their arrows in the bushes. Developer Sumo Digital are promising that all the violence and stealing will be “believable”, and that you won’t be packing 700 arrows, or breaking down doors without the guards or other players hearing you.

Robin's forest bois already have some broad archetypes for players to select from. Ranged fighters, melee button mashers, and stealthy thieves were part of the legend, so that's what you'll get here. As usual, they'll all come with perks to pick up along the way.

Cover image for YouTube video

Here’s a sneak peek at the game’s chat log that I managed to snag directly from the developer’s hard-drive.

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his ba-[Robin Hood has disconnected]

It will be out 2021 and already has a Steam page.

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