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Hood: Outlaws & Legends came out last week, but it's really out today

The Robin Hood PvPvE game with multiplayer raids was released to pre-orders on Friday, but everyone can play today

While I was looking the other way Hood: Outlaws & Legends released to pre-orders on PC. The Robin Hood PvPvE game, where two teams try to outwit AI, steal loot from each other, and flee with their tights intact, snuck out on Friday. A bold move, really. Everyone else was running away from the large lady vamp with the delightful smile, but Hood took a sneaky route onto the hard-drives of people who had already purchased it. The rest of us can play it later today.

I wish I’d known. I was looking for a multiplayer game this weekend to balance out Resident Evil Village (I like to take swap between single and multiplayer games, and Village quickly became a bit boring). Hood’s PvPvE sounds intriguing: two teams of four enter a level and hunt down the same treasure. Both teams are trying to stealthily steal keys, while trying to own the best respawn points, gear, and more. Ultimately there comes a point where the guards are down, the doors are all open, and you're stealing a chest without a hint of stealth. This is where things get very multiplayer indeed.

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That sounds like it has potential to be a delightful mess. I like a lot of the basic ideas, and I had a quick play of the tutorial while writing this. You'll need a team where people won't always want to play as Robin, but the mix is at least complementary: Robin is the Ranger character, who can be relied on for a dramatic, last-second arrow-to-the-neck intervention. The others, the Hunter, the Brawler, and the Mystic, are all very hands-on, but good at different things. The Hunter nabs keys, the Mystic carries and buffs, and the Brawler brawls. You can keep things spread out a little, reporting on your own tasks as the heist come together.

BTW: if you don't want to play against people, or if all you want to do is go PvP, there are options. Andrew Willans, game director on Hood, said at launch: "While PvPvE has been a design pillar since the concept phases, we are also planning to expand on our purely PvE focused games modes, and also providing more hardcore options and modes for those that thrive in the confict of PvP battles." Every comment section asks about that sort of thing. All that's missing is a single-player mode.

Both Steam and the Epic Game Store have Hood: Outlaws & Legends on sale for £27/€30/$30.

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