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Horror tactical RPG Othercide is coming this summer

These ladies slay

First announced back in 2018, Othercide is back with a new trailer today. The mostly grey tactical RPG is full of horrific creatures with plague masks and spindly limbs mixed with splashes of red. Gives me somewhat Bloodborne vibes  seeing those long hunter cloaks and broads fighting monsters in red pumps and scarves. Or maybe it was the organ playing in the trailer wot did it. Anyway, it's got grimdark vibes—the trailer bangs on things like "suffering" and severed hearts—and is coming this summer.

You lead an army of Daughters, apparently all echoes of some great warrior of yore, against the Others and Suffering in a "dying timeline." All very melodramatic, but plays well with the red and greyscale I imagine. You'll also need to make the tough choice to occasionally sacrifice one of your daughter warrior to heal another, Lightbulb say.

Othercide is a turn-based tactical RPG with a sort of timeline-bending element. Using what Lightbulb Crew call their "Dynamic Timeline System" you can plan a delayed action or use a reaction skill to respond to attacks. Those seems pretty familiar, the kind of combat concepts you'll recognize from tabletop roleplay. More interesting is the ability to interrupt an enemy attack by planning it in advance on the timeline. Not just prepare a reaction, but see an attack coming in advance—the way you can see turns ahead in most turn-based tactical games, it seems—and plan a counter.

Othercide will be at PAX East on February 27-March 1st at the booth for its publisher Focus Home Interactive where attendees will be able to play. It's currently planned for a summer 2020 release, according to the new trailer, but no month or date has been given.

You can find and wishlist Othercide on Steam.

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