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Horror turn-based tactics game Othercide is coming in July

A strong mood

The stylish turn-based tactical action of Othercide is coming on July 28th, publishers Focus Home Interactive have announced. That's the post-Apocalyptic one about fighting demon-y beasties with an army of 'Daughters', female warriors who wear flowing scarves and strike cool poses. Lots of talk about suffering. Bit of blood magic, maybe. And sacrifice, definitely. It's a hearty slap of mood, though I've not yet seen much of how it plays.

The end times have come once more, and all we have left are Daughters (cloned? cloned-but-with-magic?) from a mighty warrior. With the three classes of Daughter--gun, spear, and shield--we'll fight back the nightmares, levelling up our girls, unlocking new abilities, and maybe losing a few. Daughters have (or so the plan once was, I don't know how much it's changed over the years) permadeath and no healing, but you can sacrifice other Daughters to heal your wounded, grasping red hands clawing up at them on that menu screen. Which is a moody way to portray a shifting of resources.

Othercide's turns run on a per-character timeline, with Daughters and enemies getting bumped up and down by different abilities and moves affecting initiative. The most I've seen of how everything works is in this video from the Ian Games Network in February:

Othercide is coming to Steam on July 28th. It'll be on PS4 and Xbone at launch too, with a Switch version following later this summer. For now, see its website for more.

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