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Screenshot Saturday: cute cottages, feisty felines, and bleak buildings

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshot Saturday! The day where game developers get a chance to self-promote freely thanks to the power of a Twitter hashtag asking them to do so, and the rest of us get to look on in awe of the magic of how the sausage gets made. This week: a stranded cottage in the woods, an angry kitty, and some snap-together architecture.

First up, here is a very sweet home in the forest from goat- and fox-led 3D platformer Billy Bust Up. Sure, there’s no bridge yet, but I wouldn’t mind swimming that little creek every time I had to get to the other side.

Billie Bust Up doesn’t have a tonne of other information on their website, which I’m going to use as an excuse to post this real goat footage and then immediately plan my own “research” trip.

Also from the animal kingdom is this gorgeous animation sketch from Pachakutiq:

Pachakutiq is an extremely neat-sounding 2D action platformer inspired by classic Castlevania and Incan mythology. There’s tonnes of info available in this TIGSource thread, so I’m just gonna pull one bit that I really like:

The game will not feature any visible text of any kind: all of the story will be presented through visuals and animations only, and there will be no visible HUD. The player's health will be represented by the height of the sun in the background, visibly setting as they take damage, eventually turning into night, at which point the player will disappear and respawn at the last traversed checkpoint, ready for a new day!

Developer Pehesse also writes that they’d like this to be a good speedrunning game one day, which is appropriate timing, and this definitely looks like it could become the sort of thing I’d like to watch.

Back to the man-made, horror game Othercide needs some bleak Parisian buildings to line its streets, like so:

As you can see from their Steam page, this turn-based tactics game is primarily monochrome (though with some red flashes for flair). Piling up the different shaded textures like that is a neat way to add variety without colour. Othercide is planned for release in 2020.

Two bonuses today because it’s the last day of Pride month and I’m bi so you can’t expect me to make decisions. Here’s Knights And Bikes speaking my language:

And here’s a very curious illustration that I couldn’t find anything else out about, but which made me extremely want to be wandering barefoot among the moors and breathing the fresh air on this fine summer day.

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