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Hover: Revolt Of Gamers Rules Over Them On Kickstarter

It's not revolting.

Sure, it's pegged as a cross between Mirror's Edge and Jet Set Radio (with the latter's composer maybe onboard), but it's one of the items on Hover: Revolt of Gamers' feature list that catches my eye. "A dynamical scenarisation without interruptions." Oh shit! I think they mean that it'll have random missions that pop up on the fly, but they looked at the word "procedural" and said, "No, we can go further." Dynamical.

Sorry, I'm being a dick. It's a cross between Mirror's Edge and Jet Set Radio and its (almost funded) Kickstarter pitch video makes it look like it could deliver on that promise. See below.

I like that the English voiceover sometimes seems to be translating what the designers are saying and sometimes just talks for a few minutes of its own accord. Maybe their narrator has gone rogue and is adding in features the developers didn't intend.

I love Mirror's Edge (while recognising its flaws) and I loved Tony Hawk very specifically for the downhill time trials that the first couple of versions had. The concern I have with a game like Hover is that it feels great to go very fast, and feels very disappointing to make a mistake and end up falling off the side of a building to the ground below. Even if you don't die, it can often mean your high-flying journey of leaps and bounds has been turned into a shapeless trudge across, *spit*, the ground. These are sometimes games where I like to giddily bound around with no particular aim, but grow quickly frustrated should I be required to fit my journeys around a structure or destination.

That's maybe just me, though. Hover is already $32,948 towards its $38,000 goal, which suggests it'll find its way to the finish line before its remaining 29 days disappear. I'm excited to see its cartoon megacity develop.

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