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How Is It Still Called WARFACE?

Just think: two million years of evolution got us to this point, give or take one divine intervention. Hundreds of billions of humans have lived and died to get the world to the state it's in now. We've sent men, women, dogs and monkeys into space. Mapped the globe. Put the internet and all of human knowledge into every pocket. Landed on the moon. Made Bulletstorm. And after all that, all those struggles and triumphs and long rainy days the best name Crytek could come up with for their free to play multiplayer shooter is WARFACE?! WARFACE! Say it out loud and listen to how ridiculous you sound while you watch the trailer below.

Perhaps it's a marketing strategy so we spend our time endlessly mocking the title and don't notice the eminent dullness of the trailers. Look, I like military shooters. They're fine, they're fun and I'm not quite sick to death of them yet. One day I might even have the requisite courage to say something nice about Call of Duty right on this very website. But I scoured this trailer for a good five minutes for a usable frame for the header image and settled on what you see above. It's just not interesting and I don't think the free to play tag is going to carry it far. Still, if you're a member of the Crytek-sponsored GFACE (oh my god) program you have a final chance at the closed beta now.

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