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'Scloosive Trailer: WARFACE Puts Its War In Your Face

Warface. Here's your first look at a new trailer for Crytek's free to play FPS WARFACE, which has a presumably extremely warfaced narrator talk very sternly about the importance of choice and opposites. Warface. What he means is that there are two sides in WARFACE, and perhaps you'd like to play as one or the other of them. Warface.

Our Craig recently described WARFACE as "the quiet one that’s smarter and more likeable than CoD, and not as handsome as Battlefield." Warface. I suppose the latter is extra-true in the wake of last night's Battlefield 4 reveal, but even so this is some pretty darn-tootin' snazzy pixel-magicks as these things go.

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That narrator sounds very much as though he's about to break into a Bane impression any minute. Warface.

Anyway. The big WARFACE news, other than that it looks well flashy, is that there's now an opposing force for WARFACE. Warface. Their enemies are called not, alas, Battlevisage, but instead 'Blackwood'. Warface. As a Britisher, the name Blackwood means only one thing to me:

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Warface. Probably not the same Blackwood, at a guess.

Also, wait a minute - 'Warface' is actually the name of an in-game faction now? Warface.

You can apply for the WARFACE betaface hereface.

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