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How to fast travel in Path Of Exile

Where to find Waypoints and Portal Scrolls

Path Of Exile’s huge world of Wraeclast takes some traversal. With all the different locations and acts to get through, it might be tough to find your way around. Thankfully, you have a couple of ways to quickly access places you’ve already been.

Here’s how to fast travel in Path Of Exile.

How do I fast travel in Path Of Exile?

Fast travel is pretty simple in Path Of Exile. All you need to do is find Waypoints, available in most areas including towns. Waypoints for fast travel are the bright blue rune-looking object on the floor - check out the image above for an example.

Just click on it and you’ll be given the option to quickly move to any previously-visited Waypoint. You can travel between different acts and parts of the world by clicking the ‘Act’ tabs at the top of the map that opens when you click the Waypoint too.

Your missions are available underneath the map graphic so you can easily see where you should be aiming for.

How to fast travel to special locations

Some areas, like the Sacred Grove and the Menagerie can be fast-travelled to with console commands. For full info on this, check out our guide on Path Of Exile’s chat commands, but for your convenience, here are some fast travel commands you might need:

  • /menagerie: Fast travels to your Menagerie from town.
  • /delve: Fast travels to your Azurite Mine from town.
  • /harvest: Fast travels to your Sacred Grove from town.
  • /metamorph: Fast travels to Tane's Laboratory from town.

How to fast travel back to a town

It’s easy to get back to a settlement. Enemies frequently drop Portal Scrolls, shown in your inventory as little scrolls with a blue ribbon coming off them. You probably have a few stacked in your pockets already.

Right click on one of these and you’ll create a portal that, when entered, teleports you immediately to the main settlement of the current act. You can also re-enter the portal before it disappears, letting you go back to the initial spot you travelled from.

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