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Huge Dark Souls mod Nightfall arriving this December

This fan-made "sequel" promises a new map and all

It's been a while since we last heard from a group of modders who decided they'd make their own Dark Souls "sequel", Nightfall. But they've re-emerged with more details on the project, as well as a release date. I am ready to return to Lordran, but I am scared.

Nightfall is being made by a team of modders, headed up by Grimrukh, the creator of overhaul mod Daughters Of Ash. It's due out on the 21st December 2021 and they describe it as a "direct fan-made sequel" to Dark Souls, with a new story, characters, bosses, and world map.

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Although Nightfall's enemies and world map won't be entirely new. They're being pieced together from existing bits of Lordran, then reworked to fit the mood, which is one of more darkness and pain. I imagine it'll give the world as sense of unnerving familiarity.

Combat's also faster-paced, with new abilities like Bloodborne-esque dashes to weave around enemies. Grimrukh also says that Nightfall takes many cues from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask, one of their favourite games. Admittedly, I've not played it, but I've heard it's very good, which can only be, well, very good.

It's worth pointing out that Nightfall will only work with Dark Souls: Remastered. They wanted to extend it to the Prepare To Die edition, but in the end it just wasn't possible due to "technical limitations". And it's also single-player focused, so it'll actually disable your connection to the game's servers while it's installed to prevent you from being banned from regular online play.

The fact Nightfall also arrives a month before Elden Ring is nice. It'll be the perfect warm-up before we usher in the new year with a Miyazaki masterpiece. Yes, I'm calling it a masterpiece already.

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