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Hunters are Destiny's most popular class, but by less than I'd guess

Only 38%? It feels higher

Bungie this week confirmed something everyone basically already knew: Destiny has more Hunters than any other class. 38% of Guardians are Hunters and I mean, of course, we're the best. Bungie blasted this stat among others in celebration of Destiny's sixth birthday yesterday, which I suppose we can still mark on PC even if the first game never came over. Honestly, I'm a little surprised we don't have more Hunters - who could say no to a cape?

The devs shared stats in blog post celebrating the birthday. These are across both games, I assume, but they are some good big numbers:

"On this day, six years ago, players all over the world began a grand adventure. Since then, over 167 million Guardians have joined our ranks and championed the Light for over 8.6 billion hours.

"During that time, this community has answered the call time and time again, raising over $8.5 million for Little Lights and worthy causes all over the world. So, when it comes to defending humanity, whether you're in the 31% that smash, the 31% that love space magic, or the 38% that make cloaks look good, we're humbled that you have chosen to make the Tower your home."

I would've guessed a few percentage more to be Hunters. Not 50%, but maybe 41%. There are... so many Hunters around. I suppose stats might be skewed by being across years, and loads of players do have a character in each class anyway. I'm surprised to see parity between Titans and Warlocks too. Not sure which way I thought the balance would tilt, but not 31%/31%.

My favourite bit of Huntering is that we fully smashed it the first day of the Guardian Games then realised the event sucked and sacked it off to go play in the woods. Then those Titan nerks kept dutifully grinding boring bounties to win. Enjoy your lousy statue, suckers.

My second-favourite bit of Huntering is the fact that we have the best fashion, we have the best class ability for PvP, our fashion is fantastic, we have a great PvE crowd control ability in Shadowshot, we have such great fashion, we have the best single-target damage ability (well, with Celestial Nighthawk), we have fun acrobatics and look great doing then, yet we still manage to always feel aggrieved. Even though we have the best fashion. Which we do. Our looks are the best.

Speaking of Hunters, Bungie this week also revealed the Stasis subclass we'll get in the Beyond Light expansion: the Hunter Revenant. See that blog post for more on our incoming abilities. I like the sound of Shatterdive, a quick dive downwards to shatter frozen enemies - and surely an opportunity for more showboating acrobatics. Versatile grenade types, too. Beyond Light is coming in November, though it will also remove a big chunk of the game.

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