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Hypnospace Outlaw: Police "Future-Geocities" In Dreams

From the developer of Dropsy

Sadclown adventure game Dropsy may not have lived up to its excellent character design, but it had enough ideas in its strangely shaped head that I was curious what its developer was going to do next. The answer is Hypnospace Outlaw [official site], a "Future-Geocities/Angelfire Detective Cop Car Chase Game?" (the question mark seems important) that now has a devlog.

The devlog is in its infancy, but there's this description:

Hypnospace Outlaw is a game in which you police the internet of the future. In the future, most people work for a powerful corporatocracy all day and cruise the Hypnospace Highway (the internet is on a literal Information Superhighway in the future) while sleeping. There are competing virtual sleep worlds, but Hypnospace reigns supreme.

There's also a trailer to give you some sense of its style, though technically this is from Hypnospace Enforcer, an extremely short game developer Jay Tholen made in 2014.

Cover image for YouTube video

More illustrative might be these two GIFs, showing its hot, flatshaded polygonal art style and its retro-weird Geocities-style websites:

I don't know if I want to play a linear arcade driving game about bumping internet cats off my roof, but I do want to play detective across a world of JeffK-styled fictional websites. In both instances, the visual style of it is enough to keep me interested for now. You can find more development videos and Hypnospace UI GIFs through on the TIGSource thread.

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