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I Am Gonna Drive In Sweden: Euro Truck Simulator 2

Into the north

As if the upcoming release of American Truck Simulator [official site] wasn't enough, SCS Software are continuing to expand Euro Truck Simulator 2 [official site]. The Scandinavian DLC will be with us soon and the map has finally been revealed. It doesn't cover the Northern reaches of the Northern reaches, but there are plenty of cities scattered around, and SCS reckon the roads and scenery will be their most detailed to date.

...the highways, roads and city streets are now a much more detailed system than what we currently have in the older parts of our ETS2 universe.

I want to go there.

You can read much more about the creation of Simulated Scandinavia on the SCS blog, including posts on the real life locations that have been recreated, as well as the assets that make the roadside world a little more convincing.

We have dedicated a lot of time and attention to recreating Scandinavian sights and landmarks in order to make the scenery more vibrant and lifelike. We tried hard to distill the looks and sights of the region to stay true to its spirit, and in the process created a lot of new assets to make driving more varied and the exploration more interesting.

I love the acknowledgement that ETS is an exploration game rather than a hardcore business management simulator. I don't even think it's a game about trucks - I think it's a game about roads.

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