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I Am Jesus Christ looks like a goofy first-person Jesus sim

I wonder how this one ends

I see novelty games on Steam every couple of days; things like gun-wielding slime shooters, or hyper-realistic dog-walking sims. They all force a little chuckle out of me, but none of them have made me belly laugh like I Am Jesus Christ, a first-person retelling of Christ’s tale from birth, to death, to rebirth.

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I Am Jesus Christ’s genre is slightly murky, although, it almost looks like a giant Skyrim mod complete with unfeeling NPCs, first-person spellcasting, and an open world full of quest markers. The newest trailer shows some of Christ’s cool abilities like walking on water, shooting light beams at Satan, and fishing - which is incidentally what I’m looking forward to the most.

In fairness, the Christ sim looks like a pretty robust and thorough retelling of his journey, depicting scenes like the Last Supper, only this time all the disciples have exclamation marks above their heads. The Steam page also details 30 different miracles (or spells) and a number of different areas to explore.

Despite its recreation of New Testament scenes, the trailers don’t seem entirely serious, and the Bethesda-esque jank gives the game a slightly goofy feel. Even if the humour is unintentional, I still couldn't contain my laughter when an NPC awkwardly shouted, “Wow, this wine is even better than the other wines.” Jesus is well known for curing disease and one such quest is also showcased, but here it’s presented as a dungeon through someone’s body with fleshy corridors galore. I'm fairly certain the Bible doesn't have Jesus shrink into bodies, otherwise Innerspace would be a biblical film.

No disrespect to I Am Jesus, though, I’m sure it’ll be a fun time regardless of how seriously it treats these stories. Of course, I know the pain of loving a book and then watching a crappy adaptation of it. If you're looking for a more accurate biblical experience on Steam, the Bible was recently ported to PC with achievements included.

I Am Jesus Christ has a standalone Prologue available for free on Steam. The full game is aiming for a Q2 2023 launch - no spoilers before then, please.

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