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I Like Big Bots: Hawken Ascension Upate Trailer

I have a mild form of social anxiety that manifests itself in a very specific way: I don't like arriving to parties or events after a lot of people have already turned up. I'd much rather arrive with friends. It's just one of the many ways I'm like a giant killertronic death-bot from the future, because the recent Hawken update has dropped in a party mode. It allows a borg of mechs to join multiplayer servers together, ensuring everyone arrives as a group and that no-one is left out. Sounds wonderful to me. Other additions include a new map, a new mech, and offline team deathmatch.

Well, other big additions. The under-the-hood tweaks go on and on and on, rewiring a lot of the game's systems. The HUD has been rewritten, there's a new leveling scheme that unlocks new mechs as you play, so you don't need to spent any real-world or in-game currency.

The new map, Last Eco, is a nice departure from the grim, metallic city-scapes that you fight in, with the bots tearing up one of the remaining chunks of verdant ground in the world.

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The biggest addition that changes how robots smash things is the new slot system. It allows you to fit items to your chassis as long as you have the slots available. The trade-off being that more powerful items require larger slots. I'm going to use this patch as an opportunity to reacquaint myself with the game.

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