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I Might Be Dreaming This: Green Moon Demo

This isn't a Gillen Special Graphic Annotation. I swear to you those words are in the game's opening scenes. There's a demo out for an adventure called Green Moon. I have a challenge for you: Tell me what's going on?

The game seems to be some sort of combination of a Myst-style adventure crossed with a hidden object game. Except rather than giving you a list of objects to find in each location, it just has locations packed with dozens of objects, and an inventory nowhere near big enough for a third of them, and puzzles from the farthest reaches of huh? Amongst the clutter of things to pick up are "clues". I'm not sure that was enough speech marks. """""clues""""". Better. For instance:

Oh, I see!

It all links to various things you find - there's another clue saying, "This cloth is made of spider silk," written on, er, a newspaper. There's a spider web in the basement you can pick up. And some stones in the garden? Good heavens, I don't know. The closest thing I saw to a puzzle was a ring on the sofa that was - brilliantly - accompanied by a hand-written note reading:

Well, that looks like a quest!

It's an odd note to leave to be sure. But you know what? I found a gem in the bedroom! Which, um, I can't click on the ring. So how about the recipes from the book I found? Well, I found this """""clue""""" in the kitchen (I think this new grammar is going to catch on):

Hang on, let me write this down.

Obviously there's no need to explain that for you. So I'll put some of the eggs from the fridge into the pot that contains tiny samples of seasonings I can't pick up? Oh, no I won't, they magic back into the fridge when I do that. At which point I conceded defeat.

There's one other thing I have to share with you about this. The title bar text for the game's site. It reads:

"The most expected release of 2009."

This is officially the best thing ever.

(Oh, and even the game's publishers seem to be bemused by whatever they're publishing, with this spectacular review of the game.)

If you want to try, get the demo here. I will leave you with this one final message of wisdom, before I wander outside into the street to scream at the sky:

So THAT'S what I've been getting wrong.

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