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I Really Want Planetside 2's Firework Launcher

Auraxis has fallen into night. We are Vanu (All hail Vanu), a small group of us are purplishly sneaking through the bracken. The New Conglomerate base is quiet, with all the meatbags snoring arrogantly, believing in their dominance. Never believe the map! Us Vanu, handsomest and best of all the races and cloaked in the night's purple hue, approach. The quiet is deafening, the darkness near complete. Only the glow of war on the horizon flickers. We freeze: I spy a lone guard patrolling on the edge of the Amp station. The fools! I can destroy their defenses with a well-placed bullet. I steady my aim and fire.


And that's why I shouldn't be allowed to buy Planetside 2's firework gun.

I'm still going to buy one, though. Nothing will keep me from owning a gun that shoots fireworks. Not the price (700 SCs), not the limited time it's available for (this weekend), not even my bank account (it's a Super Noodle kind of weekend). Planetside 2's independence day celebration gun is everything I love about guns. It fires an arcing projectile, it verrrrrry slooowwwwwwwllly reloads, and it explodes in a shower of colour and a riot of noise. Check it out.

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I still love fireworks. Every Nov 5th and New Years in Bath, friends would gather in my back garden and explode everything we could get our hands on. One year our neighbours gave us a round of applause! I bought the Pyro's flare gun in Team Fortress 2 because of my love of fireworks, and I've installed this Garry's Mod addon as well.

Via PCGamesN.

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