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If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play Plink

This is a thing to be treasured. Plink teams you up with strangers from an internet and demands that you make sweet music together. You can make discordant, ear-troubling ditties as well, that's your choice, but the results tend toward the funky, perhaps even verging on groovy at times. It's cheered me up no end this morning, moving a cursor up and down, clicking a button, even bopping my head in time to the beat at one point. If you find yourself playing with a plinker who seems hellbent on recreating the best of The Human League, you may well be sharing the decks with my good self. Chrome only, it seems.

Plink is the work of DinahMoe, "an integrated music and sound production house". Anyone who wishes to complain that it isn't new should approach the cheese board I have kindly laid out and take their beverage of choice with them. It's new to me and, as the headline suggests, it carries The Bard's seal of approval.

You just can't argue with The Bard. Admittedly, that's mostly because he's dead but even if he were alive old Billy Shakes would most likely be a fearsome debater. He'd probably call you 'a calumnious, disheartening popinjay of infinite trumbulations' and then when school children were forced to read his plays hundreds of years in the future, their teachers would define 'trumbulations' by drawing an unflattering picture of you with no trousers on.

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