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In Carrion you play a horrible bag of meaty tendrils

Carrion chomping

“What’s it called in movies,” I asked my collegues this evening, “when a scientist sees a big alien or a monster, and all they can do is say how beautiful it is before they are eaten to bits?”

“That’s admiring the abomination,” explained Adam.

Well, you see this disgusting crimson abomination of bloody tendrils in monster videogame Carrion? I admire it.

Carrion is being made by Sebastian Krośkiewicz, the developer of the tough platforming shooter Butcher. You play an amorphous blob of red horror, somewhat like John Carpenter's The Thing. The way it moves, by grabbing onto its surroundings with fleshy tendrils, looks excellent.

The monster gets larger the more humans it eats, and spreads blood as it moves. “I think I’m making a reversed-horror game,” says Krośkiewicz in a tweet, showing the monster launching itself at a human guard and avoiding another with a flamethrower. “The player isn’t gonna be the scared one.”

There so much good-looking monstering, it’s worth just looking at the dev's whole feed. But I particularly like the way the creature bursts into this room and tosses its occupants around, as well as this unmanageably large hellthing.

It’s still in the early stages of development but Transhuman Design, creators of King Arthur’s Gold and Soldat, have agreed to publish it, just as they did for the equally bloody Butcher. [Correction: No they haven't! The developer is still making a demo to show potential publishers now, he says. Hmmm... could we think of anyone who likes bloody, indie things?] Graham played some of the previous game. What did you think of it, Graham?

"Butcher was fun but too hard."

That's probably because it's tagline was "The easiest mode is HARD!" Although it later added a bona fide easy mode.

There’s no release date for Carrion yet, nor much info about what else you'll be doing in the game. So let’s all just bank it in our GIF-stuffed memories so we can react with wonderment and awe when it finally bursts out of the vents some time in the unknown future. Until then…

Adieu, my love.

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