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Carrion's marvellous meatmonster is coming on July 23rd

What a lovely Thing

In less than two weeks, you could be a horrible meaty mass of tentacles and teeth crawling through vents and devouring hapless humans. And in the game, obvs. Devolver Digital today announced a July 23rd release date for Carrion, the platformer which will at least let you live out a digital facsimile of your true life's dream. I've been cooing at this horror for years now and soon we'll all get to tickle its tummy and feed it scientists. It still has a demo for now, too.

There you are, a friendly little Thing-y biomass thing, just hanging out in one of those there shady science factories. If you happen to seat one of those science men, you can gather their biomass into yours. Then eat more. And become bigger. And even gain abilities like puppeting the sciencemakers with your tendrils. You clever little thing.

The tendrils are very good, shooting out to grab onto surfaces and heave your mass around. They're quick and wibbly in a very pleasing way, thin strands coming together to move you at monstrous pace. I like just watching it move.

Made by Phobia, Carrion is coming to Steam and GOG on 23 July, priced at £17/€20/$20. The demo is over there on Steam.

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