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Incredibly Thoring: Hammer Of The Gods

Apparently there's some comic called Thor. We've never heard of it. And now there's to be a movie based on the little-read book.* To accompany the film comes a little bit of PC gaming advertising from Littleloud, in which as Thor you must thwack enemies with the power of your might hammer. It feels like an iPhone game, and I'll bet my bum it is one too. You have a limited number of hammers to chuck at a level of static enemies, and the occasional lightning bolt with which to STRIKE THEM DOWN. I imagine that's how someone in a comic might say it.

It doesn't seem tremendously good, to be honest. The largest issue being the camera's inability to follow the hammer back on its boomerang return. Which means you can't see which enemies got hit on the back swing. The whole source of fun really should be aiming the hammer so it loops to take out as many as possible, and the game's choice not to show you that means it's all a bit dodge, really. Perhaps they can fix that.

Also, maybe more than one sting from the theme looping every ten seconds would have been nice? Lordy. Oh, and it's five near-identical stages long. Um, yeah.

Completing a stage in two throws will unlock a micro-film clip. As to whether the film will be any good, we don't yet know. Reviews have yet to appear. Oh, and the character details you can unlock? This one's confusing:

*Please note this is absolutely untrue - it's an enormously popular comic. But making Thor-comic-writer Kieron snarl is always worthwhile. You can get the latest, Journey Into Mystery, right now, which we hear is very good indeed. Kieron writes about it here.

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