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Into The Breach is now available on Mac, 20% off for everyone

Once more...

Mech-toting, turn-based strategy, alien-bug-crushing game Into The Breach is now available for Mac users, which is great news for all our Apple based friends out there. In celebration, it's also having a 20% off sale, which is great news for everybody else, too.

If you somehow missed this delight when it launched earlier in the year, it's the latest from Subset Games, developers of FTL. In it, you control a team of armour-clad warriors defending against an alien invasion, mostly by pummelling them as hard as possible, sending them flying into other things like mountains and each other for maximum efficiency and drama. Preferably, you carefully keep these interlopers from destroying crucial buildings and the people inside them. Alternatively, if you’re anything like me, you spend twenty unmoving minutes staring at the screen to diligently plan out every move and then immediately realise that that plan was terrible as soon as you start to actually act, and end up getting a bunch of civilians killed. War is terrible.

Alec rather liked it, saying in his Into The Breach review: “I cannot currently think of any reason why I would ever uninstall Into The Breach.” So if you’re yet to install it, perhaps because you were waiting for it to launch on Mac or because you needed this extra push, now is the perfect time to dive in and get to swatting those extraterrestrial creepy crawlies.

You can pick it up for the sale price of £9.11/ €11.99/$11.99 on Steam, or a touch cheaper at Humble and GOG, for the rest of the weekend.

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