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Is It Too Soon For Mary Celeste Horror Game?

Twas only December last that the Mary Celeste was discovered, bereft of passengers or crew. But already we are hearing word of a playground game becoming popular on this theme, spreading betwixt the school yards. The game, a variant on hide and seek, involves one person trying to identify the location of his missing friends, but never being able to find them. However, some are saying that the memory of the phenomenon is too fresh in the people's minds.

Said Samuel Brigand of Cambridge University,

"This is just another example of a Jack Brag or two thinking it funny to profit from others' misfortune, selling their concepts to the children. The sound of the passing-bells has barely left our ears, and already we see those lives being mocked."

Anthony Clackle, the public relationships director of Schooltime Gameing, who have been promoting Mary Celeste amongst the educational establishments, explained that it was all in good humour.

"The events of the Mary Celeste tragedy are in no way directly related to our game. We have the greatest of respect for those who lost brethren in the mysterious disappearance, but believe that 'Mary Celeste: The Game' is independent of the story."

It has been a quiet week for video games.

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