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Isometric Espionage: 40 Mins Of Black Annex

All of a sudden, espionage is cool again. I'd suggest it has something to do with WikiLeaks, but the last time I typed a nice thing about WikiLeaks my PC started making funny noises and a flower delivery truck spent three days outside my house. And I hadn't ordered any flowers, sheeple. Anyway, I blew that van up and then the police came. Coincidence? I think not. So now I'm writing about Black Annex from the front room of the Cuban embassy: Developer Lance E. McDonald streamed it as part of the Greenlight SuperShow, showing off his incredibly silly strategy action game. I think it looks rather lovely.

Jim already mentioned the Greenlight Supershow, but I'm keen to draw a little bit of focus on Black Annex (named after he ran 'Hostile Takeover' through a thesaurus). The lovely combination of Habbo Hotel's aesthetics and book-balancing office cracking is its own thing. Why shouldn't corporate spies use rocks to sneak past office security systems? And it makes a perverse sort of sense that it doesn't allow you to carry on to the next mission until you've earned the transport costs to cover it. He's putting business back into corporate espionage, complete with accounting and Gatling guns.

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