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It's An RPS Roadtrip!

Look at us, all excited, packing our bags and fighting over who gets the front seat. RPS is getting ready for its first ever roadtrip! If that road is in the sky. As tomorrow, the four of us are off to Seattle to visit Aunty and Uncle Valve.

But don't worry - we haven't forgotten about you. There's plenty of food in the fridge, and we'll be calling every day to check things are fine. In fact, we'll be posting State side, so it will be like we're not even gone. And hopefully we'll be bringing you amazing Valve facts, maybe an interview or two, and of course all the Episode Three and Portal 2 news you could hope for*. And if worst comes to worst, a horrible sound quality podcast from a bus shelter after we get lost and can't find our way back.

Of course we're out there to look at Left 4 Dead - a job that literally takes four people. Expect to hear match reports of RPS vs. the Valve cleaning staff, and stories of how Kieron got scared and had to go and hide in a cupboard until he calmed down.

So, wrap up warm, don't answer the internet to strangers, and no wild parties while we're gone.

Someone remembered the giant crab claws!

*Possibly a lie.

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