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It's Roach Versus Human In Cockroach Simulator

Scurry to victory

Have you ever wanted to be a cockroach? Not someone who's a burdensome nuisance, but the bugs that hang out in condemned properties and dingy apartment complexes? You might want to pick up Cockroach Simulator [official site].

You're probably familiar with games like Who's Your Daddy, where it's one player's job to keep another player (or a team, in some cases) from completing goals like suicide or self-preservation. Cockroach Simulator is a lot like that, but instead of crawling around on the floor as an infant or a worried father you're a ruddy-looking human or a nasty little roach.

If you fancy playing as a discount version of Wallace of Wallace and Gromit fame, you can throw perfectly good plates and break them in an attempt to smash roaches. Or you can get on your hands and knees and come for the little bugger with a can of bug spray. If you choose to be a roach, you scurry about out of harm's way, like when a blowtorch is coming your way and you take flight with your disgusting little wings. You can also just roam around being disgusting and avoiding flyswatters, pots, and pans. It's a tough life.

If you didn't get enough of Bad Mojo back when it released or just enjoy commiserating with roaches, this is a cheapie worth checking out, as long as you can get past all the bugs. Er, the technical kind. From the look of things, Steam players have pointed out some potentially game-breaking issues like missing multiplayer options, lobby wonkiness and more. If you do decide to check it out, you might want to proceed with caution, especially if you're lacking in the friend department.

You can swat roaches all you like in Cockroach Simulator now, available on Steam for £4.79/5,99€/$5.99.

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