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Jazz Hands-Free: Rayman Legends

I hadn't entirely forgotten that Rayman Legends is coming out on PC, but I had put it to the back of my mind as something to be enjoyed in the distant future. It's a mark of how quickly this year has slipped through my fingers that the once distant future is now the end of this very month. While I'm slightly horrified that several months seem to have passed without notice, I'm pleased that a return to Michel Ancel's world of glorious jazzy nonsense is just around the temporal corner. The video below shows a musical level, which looks as precise and demanding as the chest-chases in last year's Rayman: Oranges. Prepare to hum.

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Legends travel slowly once unleashed, which means Rayman's release will be staggered. Australia is first, on August 29, followed by Europe the day after, North America on September 3, and Japan on October 17 20xx.

It's 2013.

Here's some actual jazz.

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