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Jetpackasaurus: Orion Prelude Footage

There are a number of games wise enough to be including dinosaurs of late, but few have had the sense to also put in jetpacks. (Never forgetting Jetpack Brontosaurus of course.) That's why Orion: Prelude keeps catching our eye. The team say they're just through a big internal deadline, and to celebrate they've put together some footage of their latest accomplishments. Which are mostly dinosaurs and jetpacks in a very pretty world pre-alpha multiplayer. Take a look below.

Perhaps it's not going to be helped by the uncannily similar arrival of Fox's Terra Nova - possibly not the world's greatest example of dinosaur-themed entertainment. Especially when that show's characters mostly seem to be wearing videogame armour (while pleading with each other about the importance of family) and driving around in Halo's buggies. But put thoughts of that nonsense out of your head as you watch the following, which features a new map called Oasis, and a T-Rex showing off new AI skills as it flips jeeps and gobbles people up.

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You can register for the multiplayer beta here.

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