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Jig's Up: Secret World's Last Beta Weekend Open To All

So let's say - speaking, of course, on entirely hypothetical terms - that there was an Illuminati. And - again, hypothetically - let's say our own John Walker found himself exchanging super-official, deathly serious secret handshakes among their shadowy ranks. In the event that these things happened and weren't ludicrously impossible, you might have found them intriguing - perhaps even scintillating. You might have thought "Gee, I'd like to give that a try myself - you know, if it were a real thing that existed. But it's not, so I won't. Ever." And today I'm here to report that nothing has changed, secret societies don't exist, and you'll never have the chance to take part in one this weekend.

I will, however, just leave this here before vanishing into some foggy mists of misty fog:

"This marks the first public opening of the massive, persistent player vs. player war zone where over two hundred players clash in adrenaline-fueled battles for power and world domination! Stonehenge and Eldorado are also opening up, allowing smaller groups of players to fight for control over the power held within these legendary locations. In addition to all these exciting, new player vs. player experiences, all content from the previous Beta Weekends will be available."

"This is the final Beta Weekend before launch on July 3rd and we are ending with a bang. Everyone who has ever registered for The Secret World beta will get access to this final Beta Weekend. This is also true for anyone who has not registered yet but still registers by Friday, June 22nd. You can sign up for the beta using the form on the right side of the page on http://thesecretworld.com."

[You hear a gentle whisper float out from an eerily human-shaped cloud of mistfog.] It's out on... July 3rd... woooOOOoooOOO... hypothetically.

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The Secret World

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