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Ducati Of The Dead: Joe Danger's Undead Movie Pack

The Unofficial Ghost Rider

Is this some sort of joke? What the hell are they playing at? Halloween was last year. What's to be gained from releasing a Halloween-themed game now, in this, the year of Luigi? Might as well put out a London Olympics update, Hello Games, if that is indeed your real name.

The Undead Movie Pack is the first DLC for comedy bike/harrowing personal injury escapade Joe Danger 2, and despite being a full 363 days late for the event it's celebrating it goes the whole hog with six new toonishly spooksome characters. One of which, perfectly, is Ghost Rider. Though no doubt there are any number of careful differences included in order to keep hotshot Marvel lawyer Matt Murdoch from Hello's door.

The pack should be out today on PC, via the Steams, for $6/£4/€5/¥4353480000000000001. It comprises 15 levels across three tours, and the aforementioned new playable folk include a zombie, a vampire hunter, a dude with a pumpkin for a head, 'a skeletal biker with a flaming skull' (hello, Johnny Blaze), a Werebear and a Chimpanzombie. Has anyone done Chimpanzombie before? It feels as thought they should have done. If not, very well done, Hello Games.

Come the 31st, everything Joe Danger related will be discounted on Steam in honour of last year's celebration of bulbous orange vegetables and rubber bats on strings. $3.75 for Joe Danger or Joe Danger 2 each, or $6.25 for the set.

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