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DICE: Not A Bad Company

I think it might be a sign of the utter beating the PC gamer has been taking over the last couple of years what a relief the Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC trailer proves to be. I want to hug DICE's leg and never let it go. The PC version of the game (and let's remember, a sequel to a game that never even had a PC version) appears to have been optimised for us in a thousand ways. From the obvious (and yet so rare) reworking of the UI to properly support the mouse, to the significant superiority of the graphics, the PC version is looking like the definitive port. There's multiple monitor support, retuned weapons to support twitch combat, DX11 support with remarkable lighting and shadows, and perhaps most of all, 32 player battles over the Xbox's 24. On the dedicated servers. Accessed via the PC-specific server browsers.

You can read lots more about the game in Phil's very positive impressions of the beta. The full game is only a few days away, released in the US on the 2nd and the UK on the 4th March. And as a quick note to everyone else in the universe: this is how you port to PC.

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