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Fine, fine, let's talk about a game that requires a graphics card for the first time today. RPS: bridging the hardware generation gap. Walker's currently busy pirouetting around Just Cause 2's lavish island for an upcoming Wot I Think (we had some technical problems with the review code, I believe, hence the short delay), but as the entirety of Twitter seems to be talking about what they're up to in it, let's showcase some of The Crazy right now. You can do better, obviously. And you should show us.

This guy made a whale explode, which immediately made me thing of the Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Skip to about a minute in:

This puts Agent 47 to shame:

A pilotable hot air balloon!

Fans of gratingly melodramatic, made-it-up-as-they-went-along science fiction drama will swoon at this Easter Egg:

PC Gamer have decided there are six things you must do in Just Cause 2, and also that all blog posts must have a number in the title.

Then there's this beautiful, incredible video. Dancing planes, stratospheric ballet:

To achieve many of JC's greatest exploits yourself, you'll need the already legendary multiple grappling hook mod BOLOPatch - which even works with the demo. Apparently it's not exactly problem free, but then again multiple grappling hooks.

Me? Still downloading it. Been doing so forever. Dear Mr Virgin Media - you are the King of All Stupids. In what insane fantasy world is throttling anyone to 128 kilobyte per second download speeds of an evening acceptable customer service? It's like repeatedly punching a man in the stomach as he tries to eat. Nnng. Hopefully I can finally play this electric videogame of ultimate possibilities tomorrow. Tomorrow. Boom. Tomorrow. Boom. Tomorrow.

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