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Quick! Kathy Rain is free on Steam for a few more hours


Quick! Hurry! You have until 6pm today (10am Pacific) to grab Kathy Rain for free for keepsies. To celebrate the third birthday of the mystery-solving adventure game, publishers Raw Fury yesterday launched a wee giveaway. We were on holiday then but NOW we're back and NOW you should grab it NOW because Kathy Rain is pretty deece and it's free NOW and I am done with this sentence NOW.

Head on over to Steam then hit that "Install Game" button and it'll be registered to your account. You don't need to install it right then - clicking the button is enough to nab it.

Kathy Rain is an adventure game set in the 90s and starring the eponymous plucky college student with a hot motorbike and a smart mouth. She's off back to her hometown to investigate her grandfather's death, getting tangled in all sorts of possibly-maybe-kinda-or-not supernatural shenanigans. You point with a mouse then click, y'see, which controls everything from chatting with folks to using items. Adventure games.

It's a good'un, and well worth a go for free. Our former John (RPS in peace) raised sooome reservations in his Kathy Rain review, which I won't get into right now because it might colour your expectations and, y'know, it is free so what's the risk?

"But I had a splendid time with Kathy Rain, and thoroughly enjoyed a game where I couldn't see where it might be heading," John said. "Kathy proves a complex and interesting character, and, well, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Which is the simplest recommendation of them all."

Kathy Rain studio Clifftop Games recently collaborated with Faravid Interactive on Whispers Of A Machine, which John called "an incredibly clever adventure game doing lots of very subtle smart things!" There's your further playing if you dig Kathy, then.

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