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Killing, My Friend Is For Action Heroes

From former AHL folks

Killing, My Friend [official site] isn’t always a bad thing. At least, if we’re talking about video games. Notably the kind named Killing, My Friend. Hard-Boiled Software's upcoming co-op FPS isn't particularly pretty, but it does have some good ideas. You'll play Hollywood's latest action star on a mission to shoot the coolest, most stylish action sequences known to cinematography.

If that sounds familiar, it might be because you've played Action Half-Life, a popular mod that squidged together Max Payne's stunt system with Half-Life, while channelling the inimitable John Woo. So, does that mean Killing, My Friend, is a dyed-in-the-wool clone? Perish the thought. The happy reality is that AHL's lead designer is also a - da-da-dum - designer for Killing, My Friend.

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Moving on to the nitty-gritty stuff, Killing, My Friend will have you and up to three friends running, diving, wall gliding, and performing slick stunts as you gun down an endless barrage of enemies. Style is substance here. Remember, the objective is to look cool. Murder is secondary. Expect to be able to customize your weaponry and your costumes, some of which will be unlocked on the field of battle. (Or through the process of battle. Whichever is appropriate.)

Hard-Boiled Software plan to release it mid-2016, and will be launching a crowdfunding campaign.

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