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King Arthur: The Genre Ambiguous Wargame

I have absolutely no idea what this game is about, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that a decent number will see the pic and the videos and say, "By criminy, I need to be playing this before the day is through." (Yeah, yeah, Jim's mentioned it before - Disgruntled Ed) I'm also fairly sure the creators aren't sure what the game is about either, since they've called what is very obviously a battle simulating RTS game, "King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame". I guess you, well, play a role... But anyway, for those of you with the weird genetic anomaly that allows you to enjoy strategy gaming, this looks like a good effort from a smaller developer. I say that because a) it looks very pretty and b) it frightens me with complicated menus and more than one unit on screen at once.

It's available only on Steam, and, well, here's the catch: it costs £35. (£31.49 at its current sale price.) On a day when you can get eighteen THQ games for less than that, this seems a really quite astonishing price for a niche game from a small developer without a publisher.

Their previous game, Crusaders: They Kingdom Come, got reasonable scores, and reasonable reviews - here's Eurogamer's. I'd tell you more about the company, Neocore Games, but the Flash dropdown menu for the details page on their site appears halfway across the screen, and I can't get my mouse there in time to click on it. I'd also link to the teaser trailer, but they've uploaded all their videos as WMVs, not embeddable Flash... Guys - this isn't how to get your game talked about. Fortunately people have put stuff on YouTube, so here's the three dev diaries for your perusal. It really does look rather impressive.

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