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Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade List

All the Keyblades.

Kingdom Hearts 3 whisks its players off to several worlds filled with iconic Disney characters. Each world has its own Keyblade to earn, with subtle differences between all of them. To help you get up to speed, we’ve put together a Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblades Guide. We’ll take a look at all of the Keyblades you can get in the game, and then render our verdict on which one is the very best. We’ll also take a look at how the Keyblade Forge works and then how to get the Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3.


Keyblades are a huge part of the Kingdom Hearts series, and they’re better than ever in Kingdom Hearts 3. There’s a new Keyblade for each of the worlds, and a mysterious Ultima weapon to earn. To help you keep track, we’ve put together all of the info you need to know about Keyblades.

  • Kingdom Key
  • Hero's Origin
  • Shooting Star
  • Starlight
  • Favorite Deputy
  • Happy Gear
  • Ever After
  • Crystal Snow
  • Nano Gear
  • Hunny Spout
  • Ultima
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Keyblades List - Toy Story Keyblade, Monsters Inc Keyblades

In the table below you’ll find all of the details you need on each Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3. We’ve listed each one alongside its stats and Formchanges. We’ve also detailed how to get each one.

KeybladeHow to GetStatsFormchanges
Kingdom KeyStarting weaponStrength: 7, Magic: 7Second Form
Hero's OriginBeat OlympusStrength: 7, Magic: 4Counter Shield
Shooting StarBeat Twilight TownStrength: 5, Magic: 7Double Arrowguns, Magic Launcher
StarlightKeyblade GraveyardStrength: 4, Magic: 4Second Form S
Favorite DeputyComplete Toy BoxStrength: 8, Magic: 5Hyper Hammer, Drill Punch
Happy GearComplete MonstropolisStrength: 8, Magic: 3Agile Claws, Twin Yo-Yos
Ever AfterComplete Kingdom of CoronaStrength: 4, Magic: 8Mirage Staff
Crystal SnowComplete ArendelleStrength: 4, Magic: 8Blizzard Claws, Blizzard Blades
Nano GearComplete San FransokyoStrength: 7, Magic: 5Nano Arms
Wheel of FateComplete The CaribbeanStrength: 8, Magic: 5Highwind, Storm Flag
Hunny SpoutComplete 100 Acre WoodStrength: 6, Magic: 5Hunny Blasters, Hunny Launcher
Ultima WeaponDetails belowStrength: 13, Magic: 13 Ultimate Form

What is the Best Keyblade

There are a few candidates for what the best Keyblade is in Kingdom Hearts 3. Largely it will come down to personal preference, so be sure to test out each one at least once. The Ultima Weapon is easily the most powerful, though given that you likely won’t get it until the end, it becomes kind of redundant. For our money, the best Keyblade is the Toy Story one. It has great stats, and the Formchanges are perfect for taking out large groups of enemies. The Drill attack in particular, is great for boss fights, as it allows you to close the distance very quickly. The Hammer attack is easy to control and the finishing move has a large AoE.

Upgrading Your Keyblade at the Keyblade Forge

To make sure you’re able to keep up with the enemy, you’ll need to upgrade your Keyblade. To do so, head over to any Shop and select the Keyblade Forge. You’ll need to have at least made it to Twilight Town. To upgrade each Keyblade, you need to have the required materials. Early on, this means collecting Fluorite (check out our guide on doing exactly that), and ">Damascus. Each time you’ll improve the Strength and Magic Stats associated with each Keyblade.

How to get the Ultima Weapon Keyblade

As you can see from the table above, the Ultima weapon is seriously powerful. To unlock it, you need to have collected 58 different types of material, which you won’t be able to do until towards the end of the game. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to forge the Ultima Weapon from the following materials:

  • Orichalcum(7)
  • Wellspring Crystal (2)
  • Lucid Crystal (2)
  • Lucid Shard (5)
  • Pulsing Crystal (2)

How to Get the Midknight Blue and Phantom Green Keyblades

There are three more Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 that we have yet to mention. The Midknight Blue and Phantom Green Keyblades are pre-order bonuses for PS4 and Xbox One respectively. The Dawn Til Dusk Keyblade is obtained by pre-ordering the game from Amazon.

For more on Kingdom Hearts 3, head on over to our Kingdom Hearts 3 Guides Hub. It has everything from detailed walkthroughs, to Lucky Emblem locations.

That’s all you need to know about Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3. For a look at the Ingredients locations, go to our Kingdom Hearts 3 Ingredients Guide. For a look at all of the Lucky Emblems we’ve found so far, go to our Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems Guide.

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