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Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem Locations and secret endings

Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems are one of the collectibles you can find while playing the game. They are usually hidden pretty well, and you’ll need to find the majority of them to unlock the secret ending. We’ve been working hard trying to track them all down, and have found a fair few. To help you collect them as you go, we’ve listed all of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems we’ve found so far in this Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems Guide. We’ll break it down world by world and include screenshots to help guide you along.

Lucky Emblems

Lucky Emblems are introduced after you get the Gummiphone in Twilight Town. There are still lucky Emblems in the areas before this, though you will need to double back to get them. To collect them, you just need to take a photo of them using your Gummiphone. Press the touchpad on PS4, or the Change View button on Xbox One. As you can see in the image below, there will be a box around the emblem, which will turn yellow once you’re at the right angle. If the indicator is red, this means you are not at the correct angle. Once it’s lined up, take the photo, and earn your reward.

Olympus Lucky Emblem Locations

The first area we are going to detail is Olympus. As mentioned before, you’ll need to double back after getting the Gummiphone to get these Lucky Emblems. Let’s start with Theebas Town. The Lucky Emblem Below can be found in the main plaza of Theebas, with a Mickey emblem etched in a different color.

The next Olympus Lucky Emblem can be found down at the forge where you can upgrade Goofy’s shield. It’s on the giant anvil.

The next Olympus Lucky Emblem is located on a wall in the Realm of Gods area. Check out an image of it below:

This one is on a wall in the main Plaza. You'll know you're in the right place after being swarmed by enemies.

Head back to the area where you first used Goofy's shield to cross the fire. The Lucky Emblem is on a wall on this path.

This one is in the Thebes/Hill area. There are stairs after completing Olympus. Near the save point.

On the Ciff Road up to Mount Olympus. On a pillar outside the Hall.

Near the top of the Cliff Road, there's an area filled with Heartless. You need to defeat them to slow the waterfall ahead. Once you do, you'll find a Lucky Emblem hidden behind it.

Up on the Cliff Road, near the Hall. Look down over the edge to see this Lucky Emblem.

You'll need to head to Mount Olympus at night to get this one. Start descending the cliff and look out for the cliffside trees. One of them has this Emblem.

This one is in the corridor area of the Realm of the Gods. You'll find it on a wall after grinding in on a line.

You'll need to head up to the Apex for this one. Look out over the edge to see this Lucky Emblem in the clouds.

Twilight Town Lucky Emblems

The next area we’re going to detail is Twilight Town. Lucky Emblems can be found all over this map, though some are definitely tricky to pin down. We’ve listed the Kingdom Hearts 3 Twilight Town Lucky Emblems we’ve found so far below:

The first Lucky Emblem is very easy to find as it is essentially pointed out to you as you start using the Gummiphone. It is in the main area, on a wall opposite the Shop.

You’ll be able to find a little outdoor theatre in the main area of Twilight Town. The Lucky Emblem will only show when there is not a movie playing.

This Twilight Town Lucky Emblem can be located on the rooftop of a building on the east side of town. There are plates set out in the shape of a Mickey emblem.

This Lucky Emblem can be found when exiting the sewers and going into the woods. It is on the wooden hatch that you come out of.

This next Lucky Emblem is in the woods on the way to the Mansion. It’s on the East side of the woods. Use the map location in the screen above to track it down.

This Lucky Emblem can be found on top of the tram in Twilight Town.

As you come out of the Sewers into the Forest, climb the wall behind you.

This one is on the left as you enter Twilight Town, in the chimny of a tall building.

This one is found in the Mansion area. It's on the outer wall to the left as you go in.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Box Lucky Emblem Locations

Onto Toy Story world now, with plenty more Lucky Emblems to get. The first one we found is in Andy’s Room. There is a tall shelf with a box on it. On this box is a Lucky Emblem.

The next Lucky Emblem we found was on Andy’s roof. Use the Gummiphone to locate and frame it correctly.

Once you’ve made your way to the Toy Store, go up to the first floor. By the counter, there is a Lucky Emblem made of duct tape.

For this one, you need to blast away the toys on the first floor. You'll need to use a Gigas, towards the North wall.

After you jump down from Andy's roof, head for his front door. There is a leafy Lucky Emblem on the ground here.

There's a car opposite Andy's house. The Emblem can be found on its back bumper.

This one is in the vents above the Action store. There's a vent that blows you upwards. The middle section that you end up progressing through, turn around and snap the Emblem.

In the princess area that you find Hamm, exit the vents and then lineup the shot.

This one is on top of the UFO above the pinball machine.

There's a robot toy on the 3rd floor. There's an Emblem on its base.

These boxes are outside the entrance of Galaxy Toys.

Kingdom of Corona Lucky Emblems

Now we’re off to Tangled world. We found a fair few Lucky Emblems in Kingdom of Corona, though there are definitely more to be found. We’ve listed them below and will update as we find them. The first Tangled Lucky Emblem can be seen from the top of Rapunzel’s Tower.

This next Lucky Emblem can be found when entering the swamp area. It is on a large rock to the east.

Near the back of the town of Corona, you’ll find a Lucky Emblem on a wooden door. Check out the image below for more hints.

There’s a small tower in Corona. A Lucky Emblem can be seen carved into the stone next to its door.

If you go downstairs by the savepoint in Corona, and then turn around, you’ll see a Lucky Emblem made up of barrels. You can’t miss it!

At the top of the lighthouse, you’ll see a Lucky Emblem drawn in the sand of a fire pit. Use Flowmotion to get up there easily.

This one can be found in the main market as you enter the City.

There's a Lucky Emblem on the side of the bridge as you cross over to the city.

You'll move through a cave just before getting to the wooded area before the city. This Emblem is on a barrel in this cave.

Monstropolis Lucky Emblems

I’ve gotta say, the Monsters Inc. world in Kingdom Hearts 3 is extremely difficult to find Lucky Emblems. This is due to the environments being very well, same-y. Still, we managed to find a few, which we’ve detailed below. On the scare floor, there is a clown toy. Hit it until it moves, there’s a Lucky Emblem behind it.

Next up we have this Lucky Emblem. It is located on the back of a steel door. It’s in the section where you first activate the Laugh special move.

This Lucky Emblem is located just after you defeat the large boss outside. There are pipes in the shape of Mickey’s head.

Just outside the Power Plant area, there's a water stain that looks familiar.

As you head into the Power Room, there's an Emblem above the door.

In a corridor on the second floor of the Factory. The Emblem is on the wall at the end of a hallway as you turn a corner.

In the Power Room is a Save Point. There are lockers nearby with an Emblem on them.

The paint splats next to the elevator on the first floor of the factory resemble a Lucky Emblem.

There's a staircase on the first floor of the Factory. Underneath this window, there's a Lucky Emblem.

There's a Lucky Emblem on the Laugh Floor. Scan the desks for a note.

Arendelle Lucky Emblem Locations

Off to Frozen world now, where there are plenty of Lucky Emblems to find. The first is found in the starting area. On the back of a snowy tree.

There’s another Lucky Emblem hidden on the side of the ice cliff in the Ice Labyrinth section. Check out the screenshot below:

Next we have another Lucky Emblem which can be found in the Ice Labyrinth. There’s an icy set of stairs that has one on the side.

Still in the Ice Labyrinth, head to the bridge with spikes blocking it. There is a giant Mickey ice head nearby.

This one is tricky, as we can’t recall exactly where it is. We’ve included the screenshot below, and will update once we’ve worked it out.

This Lucky Emblem is incredibly high up. When you’re on your way to the Ice Palace, you’ll see a Mickey head from the tip top of a snowy rock.

As you exit your first Grind pole, there is a room on the North west. It's next to the one with the portal in it. From up high in this room, you can spot this Emblem.

This one is up in the Ice Wall area in the Northern Mountains. There are icy spikes in the area.

This Lucky Emblem is in the Snowfield where you fought the Snowbeast. It's hidden in the logs.

Finally, in the Foothills. There is a snowy rock with an Emblem on the back.

100 Acre Woods Lucky Emblem Guides

100 Acre Wood is a really tricky place to find Lucky Emblems. We’ve found a few so far, and will update when we get more details. The first one can be seen from the bridge, there are trees shaped like a Mickey head.

The next one is found in the washbucket near Rabbit’s laundry. The water stain on it is in the shape of a Lucky Emblem.

The third and final Lucky Emblem to grab is on a large pumpkin in Rabbit's garden.

San Fransokyo

Off to Big Hero 6 now, and the sprawling metropolis of San Fransokyo. The first Lucky Emblem can be found in Hiro’s room. Look up at the wall and you’ll see some yellow wires in the shape of Mickey’s head.

The next Lucky Emblem can be found out in the city. You’ll need to look for the statue of three women. There’s an emblem on one of their fans.

Head towards the tunnel in the Northern part of the City. There is a building with two staircases. The one on the Northern side has an Emblem.

Speaking of the Northern tunnel, there's a Lucky Emblem inside it.

This one is found at the top of the tallest building.

There's a cafe in the center of the Northern District. You'll find a yellow taxi outside with a Lucky Emblem on it.

As you spawn into the southern district, head North. You'll see a large building with a TSUKIJI billboard on it. If you head here at night you'll see a Lucky Emblem opposite.

North East part of the City. There is a large Chef mascot. Climb it to see this Mickey Emblem hidden in the bushes.

In the Central Town area of the City, there is a bank. It has this rounded structure on its roof with a Lucky Emblem etched into it.

To get this Lucky Emblem, you'll need to get up to one of the Easternmost blimps. It is above the large light up circular building. On this patterned blimp is an Emblem.

This bundle of wires can be found in Hiro's Garage.

In Central Town, there is a skyscraper with glowing green vents on it. You'll find this Lucky Emblem next to it.

Pirates of the Caribbean Lucky Emblem Locations

Finally we have The Caribbean, a pirate adventure with some very familiar faces. The first Lucky Emblem we found is on the Port Royal. Under a shed, there are some boxes with a light shining on it.

The next Lucky Emblem is at the entrance to Port Royal. Look at the town sign hanging from the wooden bars and you’ll see it.

One of the islands you can visit has a very odd shaped rock on it. Check out the screenshot above.

There are small boats in Port Royal, to the right as you exit your ship.

As you enter Port Royal by ship, turn left at the entrance. Keep going to the end of this street. The Lucky Emblem is on a pillar here.

There are boxes in the beachfront area of Port Royal.

Head to the Fort. There is a mass of rope in the shape of a Lucky Emblem.

Head down into the Gallows in the lower levels of the Fort. There is a cannonball here with an Emblem on it.

This Emblem must be viewed from your Ship. It can be found at Horshoe Island

Finally, this shipwreck can be found at the center of the map. You’ll find a Lucky Emblem etched onto it.

What Do You Get For Collecting All of the Lucky Emblems?

So why collect all of these Lucky Emblems anyway? Well, you’ll need them to unlock the secret ending. How many you’ll need depends on your difficulty level. If you played on the easiest difficulty, you’ll need all 90. Higher difficulties require fewer Lucky Emblems to unlock the secret ending.

For more on Kingdom Hearts 3, be sure to head over to our Kingdom Hearts 3 Guides Hub. It’s where we’re collecting all of our Kingdom Hearts Guides content, which we’ll be updating constantly over the next month or so.

That’s everything we have so far for Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblems. For a look at other aspects of the game, be sure to check out our walkthroughs for Olympus, Twilight Town and Toy Box.

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