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Game Kebab - King's Bounty: Dark Side Released

Make it spicy, ta luv

"The crown prince of night meats!" is what might declare Stepney Fried Chicken's doner kebab (£3.95 with chips and a drink). "The next morning I felt like Baudelaire on acid!" muse GreaseStain. There's no need, of course. When the number 25 night bus deposits you in Stepney, you'll find yourself facing Stepney Fried Chicken. You know exactly what you'll find should you enter that door, and what you'll get out of your purchase. No surprises, only meat.

Similarly, King's Bounty: Dark Side has left Early Access and formally launched. It is another King's Bounty game. You understand.

This means new units, new artifacts, minor tweaks, and a new story for the turn-based strategy/RPG series. This time you play the 'evil' forces, raising an army of darkness to slaughter goodie-goodie heroes as an orc warrior, magical vampire, or paladin-y demoness. I will inevitably buy Dark Side at some point, play and enjoy it for around 20 hours over a sleepy weekend, then stop and never return. I understand that.

Our John, awfully taken with the idea of skulking around wearing a cape and hissing "Bluh!", says he'll play it and might tell you Wot He Thinks later.

King's Bounty: Dark Side is on Steam now for £15.99. Paying £3 more will get you a 'Premium Edition' with two extra locations, an extra unit, a bonus item, and a dozen extra quests. You don't need those hot wings too, do you, but these appetites aren't rational, are they?

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