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Search the woods for kiddywinkles in lovely free game Knåddskogen

Look at these adorable wee gremlins!

I've had a lovely virtual stroll through Swedish woods today, taking in the beauty and hurling naughty students. Knåddskogen is a wee free game about a teacher who must gather her students after they flee during a hike, vanishing off to climb trees, sleep, build bases, and generally be adorable in a naughty way. It's short, it's free, and it's pleasant, so chop chop, get to it. But, if you need convincing, watch the cute trailer below and check out our teacher's excellent striding animation.

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Our little devils have scarpered just as we're about to catch the bus home, all but one of them vanishing, so off we go, striding confidently through the trees to collect them all. Some students will simply fall in line if you find 'em, but others are trickier - stuck up trees, on rooftops, and other in such tricky spots. If only we could bring them down by throwing something small but weighty, solid yet squishy, but where would we find such an object on a school trip?

Ah, it's all so pleasant. The students have colourful outfits, complete with cute hats (my favourites are the strawberries) and animal faces, and wobble along nicely, some shaking campfire snacks on sticks. Our (customistable) teacher has such a great stride, legs stretching far and her hands always secure on her backpack straps. And the woods are very pretty. Good sounds and all.

You can download Knåddskogen for free from It was made by a team of nine students over seven weeks during a course at Swedish game development school FutureGames.

The game's actually been out for a while, but comes to my attention today through Itch pointing it out on Twitter. Taaaa!

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