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Meta, Man: Knights of Pen & Paper +1 PC-Bound

I'm yet to play Knights of Pen & Paper on the 10" electronic information slab I'm afraid to admit I own, but I hear great things about this RPG about playing an RPG. So, with some reservations about how mobile-y it could be, I am heartened to hear that a revised version is on its way to PC, with help from a money injection from the ever-unpredictable Paradox.

Here's what it looks like. Prepare for blip-bloppy noises:

Cover image for YouTube video

D'aww. The high concept is that you're actually directing the activites of a group of pen and paper roleplayers, and their DM. You even get to upgrade the DM's table for buffs. It's a lovely idea, and hopefully not too cute in practice, but we'll find out when Brazilian studio Behold's +1 version of the game arrives in 'Q2' of this year. It's also coming out on Macintoshes, for people who are in a position to throw money away, and Linux, for people who feel that our choice of computer operating system defines who we are. And yes, that sentence was jam-packed with irony and/or hypocrisy.

More details on the game are on its Facebook page.

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