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Let The Knights Of Pen & Paper Haunt Your Fall


Nothing says 'the week after Halloween' like a spooky expansion for everyone's favorite RPG-where-you-play-a-tabletop-RPG, Knights of Pen & Paper. As you might have already guessed, it includes people with pumpkins for heads, vampires, and locations like The Abandoned Dwarven Mall. In case you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, Knights of Pen & Paper is really quite swell. It has adventure. It has pizza. It has a Dungeon Master. It has Your Grandma perplexedly wielding a pretend magic sword.

Why? Because Grandmas are incalculably splendid, that's why.

The game began life as a mobile game and has done pretty well for itself since then, finding Paradox Interactive as its almighty publisher. Adam's got a more thorough rundown on what - what's that? Oh, right. The actual news. In a nutshell: there's loads more stuff to do and see now. Haunted Fall introduces more monsters, more items, more areas, more skills, and more jokes. Judging by the release trailer, some of that more-ness involves flaming skulls, well-heeled zombies, and... a shoddy-looking grandfather with a walker? Old age (and old people) are terrifying to some folk, I guess.

Additionally, it looks like a Witch class has been added to the existing ensemble of fantasy professions. Unfortunately, I can't tell you if the job description mandates the growth of boils or the constant usage of cackles. It could go either way. All jokes aside, I loved Knights of Pen & Paper a lot, and you might too if you're the sort who believes there's never enough meta to go with your meta. Haunted Fall is available now for Windows and Mac. Keep £3.99 handy.

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