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Knights of Pen & Paper Rolls For Initiative Today

Meta-RPG Knights of Pen & Paper has been PC bound forever. Forever, I say! Ignore any evidence which might suggest that it has in fact only been PC-bound for three months, for you are being deceived by space-time gremlins. Fortunately their cosmic trickery has now been arrested, and the real world/D&D mash-up roleplayer has now completed its transition from portable telephonic devices to IBM-personal computer.

Er, by which I mean 'it's out now.'

Our Adam had mostly positive but definitely mixed feelings after hands on time with the gently satirical RPG about RPGs, feeling that it worked well as a snack game to be played in tandem with other pursuits of the mind. He also posed the ultimate question: "How is the money that my hipster paladin plucks from a rat corpse in the make believe world available to buy snacks, drinks, pets, decorations or furniture in the real world?"

The rest of us all know the answer, don't we?

There's no demo available alas, but publisher Paradox will be Twitching all over the newly-enhanced edition of KOPP right here at 6 p.m. GMT, 7 p.m. BST, 8 p.m. CEST and 11 a.m. PDT today.

Additionally, here's the now-traditional Paradox Silly Trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

Game's out now, costing $10 or $15 for the Deluxe Version which has new characters, furniture and things. The iOS and Android versions have also been updated to the +1 edition, but only cost $2.99. NOT FAIR AT ALL.

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