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Large And In Charge (Of Lasers): Tera's Argon Queen

As an American born and raised, I naturally fear two things: monarchy and giants. Watching the trailer for Tera's next big update, then, was quite an emotional journey for me, because it featured both in one larger-than-life, laser-firing package. Sorry, god, this queen doesn't need saving. But she'll totally beat you up. And your dad, too, if you don't watch it. If, however, the very sight of that thing makes the boiling warrior blood drain from your veins as quickly as it does mine, there's also the long-awaited introduction of PVP battlegrounds, some new skills, and raid content. Jump beyond our True Action Break for a rather impressive-looking trailer.

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Tera's fast-as-lightning brand of non-kung-fu fighting is, of course, easily the MMO's strongest selling point, so an official place of friendly and sportsmanlike murdering times is much appreciated. I'm less sure about the raids, meanwhile, if only because Tera's regular instances are really, really bland. I mean, the boss fights are great, but everything in between prompts Z's to emerge from my head - which is a very painful process indeed.

Speaking of, there are also a few new dungeons - one of which, Manaya's Core, includes the horrifying laser queen. Sirjuka Gallery, Argon Corpus, and the rest of the new content, meanwhile, will be getting a slow roll-out of details in the coming weeks. Why not now, you ask? Well, I didn't want to saying anything because I thought it'd make things weird, but it's your fault. Entirely. And you should feel really bad about it. Now apologize.

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