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Layers Of Fear 2 will set sail for spookies

Candyman! Candyman! Candyma- wait what did you say would happen?

I'd missed that 2016's first-person spooker Layers Of Fear was getting a sequel but: oh, it is. No, not Observer, the ace cyberspooky game that developers Bloober Team made next, an actual sequel with a number and everything. Layers Of Fear 2 is its name, and wandering a spooky boat telling the tale of a suffering actor is its game. They've even got a proper fancy actor to narrate this terrible tale, Tony Todd, who you might know as the Candyman or Worf's brother off Star Trek. Here, hear his ace voice in this new trailer.

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I do also enjoy when Todd turns up on telly as just a regular fella, not a growly Gus who'll disembowel you with his hookhand or hooksword. Always jarring in a nice way.

While the first Layers Of Fear focused on a painter's torment, 2 is about an actor from the golden age of Hollywood filming a strange film aboard a cruise ship. Bloober will once again be playing with spooky tricks like having the world change, which was by far my favourite part of the first game.

Having paintings and objects move and morph when I looked away was a lark; the story and so-so jumpscares less so. But Observer was a real surprise and good stuff, as our former Adam (RPS in peace) noted in his Observer review.

Layers Of Fear 2 is due some time in 2019, as was announced in October 2018 when I was apparently on another planet and missed all this. It's published by Gun Media.

Here's Bloober gabbing about some of their inspirations and ideas too:

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