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Left 4 Xed? Check Out This Alien Swarm FPS Mod

3761 AD. Seattle. A line of tourists is snaking around a wrecked skyscraper. If we listen closely, we can hear their guide: "... this is the cupboard where they found the 'test heads', and this is where they arrested Robin "Mad Hatter" Walker, who admitted to 243402 counts of decapitation. That's the rebuilt Dota 2 annex. The war where the Dota 2 team attempted to secede from the union in 2103 caused a brief civil war, but it turned out their tactics when applied to a real world conflict just got them all killed. We don't know what this place was: a cupboard where we found the skeleton and a crowbar. Just a handyman, maybe? Moving on to one of the more remarkable finds: a PC that was found in the rubble, still running a copy of Alien Swarm. And beside it was this Steam Greenlight page for a mod that turned it into a first-person shooter. What was Greenli..."

Present day. Craig's front room: Ooh, a mod that turns Alien Swarm into an FPS. Neat. It's not out, yet, but there's a Greenlight page for it. This isn't just the previously known console commands that shifted the viewpoint and didn't add much else. No, the modder will be adding new models and animations, ceilings (think about it), a jump button (in the top-down version, there is only rolling), and maybe even Oculus Rift support. Hooray for Valve being not evil, and allowing this sort of thing. It is proof that they will never commit any crimes or acts of war. Here's one of many trailers for the mod.

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Yup, that's first-person Alien Swarm alright. I'd recognise it

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