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"Lesbian road trip RPG" Get In The Car, Loser! has just hit the road

Magical teens save the world, duh

Get In The Car, Loser! begins as all RPGs about young protagonists with magical powers do—just a lot more bluntly. The world is being threatened by the evil Machine Devil and the Machine Devil cultists, and apparently no one is going to save it if not your plucky party of heroes. So hop on in the back seat, you dork. Get In The Car, Loser!, a free game written by Christine Love of Ladykiller In A Bind fame, is now fueled up and headed out on its self-proclaimed "lesbian road trip RPG".

"Three young attendees of the local Academy of Order and one renegade angel from the Divine Order are heading off on a road trip to take the fight to the Machine Devil and his cultists," say Love Conquers All Games. "Will you succeed in your mission to save the world for another thousand years and hit every diner along the road on the way, or will you just be a useless gay disaster?"

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The trailer up here's a bit dated, from back in 2018, but it does give you a look at that active-time battle system. Along your world-saving roadtrip you'll be making a beeline for the baddies instead of stopping for sidequests, Love Conquers All Games say. Swapping weapons controls your characters' skills, so you're able to mix and match to change how everyone operates.

It wouldn't be a party-based RPG without some interpersonal banter, which Get In The Car looks to let its teen protagonists get into plenty. I imagine there's plenty of wit and insults to go around in a party that includes the most popular girl in the Academy Of Order and an actual giant pink angel. That'll all take place in visual novel-style conversations.

Love's writing in past visual novels has been well-liked around these parts, from Analogue: A Hate Story to the more recent Ladykiller In A Bind. More of that is sure to be welcome.

Get In The Car, Loser! is out for free over on Steam and Itch, though you can snag a $10 DLC to get an additional beach-themed story chapter and new items.

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