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Lesbian road trip RPG Get In The Car, Loser! releases its second expansion

The Fate Of Another World follows on from the original

Everyone’s favourite lesbian road trip RPG Get In The Car, Loser! has released its second expansion pack and this one’s chunky. For the uninitiated, Get In The Car, Loser! begins the way all retro RPGs do, with a group of young misfits who decide to fight a world-ending calamity, or sometimes to fight God. The only difference here is that it’s named after one-of-many iconic Mean Girls quotes, and yes, your party features lesbians. The antithesis of Final Fantasy 15, really.

Cover image for YouTube videoGet in the Car, Loser! - A lesbian road trip role-playing game about saving the world!

Get In The Car’s second expansion - The Fate Of Another World - picks up right after the base game’s ending, and clocking in at around 4-6 hours, it’s much larger than the game’s normal chapters. The Fate Of Another World adds two new party members and boss battles, five different enemy types, and an all-new progression system. The soundtrack has also been updated, both in battle and on the road - I’m glad the designated AUX cord-er is keeping their playlist fresh.

The new DLC introduces Emily Harmless, who used to be a librarian, now a fated warrior chosen by the heavens every 976 years. As the Steam page describes it, “the last time she got a full night’s sleep was in undergrad anyway,” so this is a net neutral, I guess, even though I don’t remember getting much sleep in undergrad either. The other new party member is Prince Sam, described as “your new goth boyfriend,” which is a far cry from the promise of a lesbian road trip, although there’s something in here for everyone now.

This DLC’s new hellish, burning landscape should be a great match with Get In The Car’s self-deprecating banter and is a welcome change from the base game’s cheery greens and blues.

The Fate Of Another World expansion is £8/€10/$10 on Steam and itch.io and is currently on sale until February 20th. You’ll need to own the base game to enjoy the DLC, though. Luckily the light-hearted RPG has a bundle on Steam and itch.io that compiles Get In The Car, Loser! with its two expansion packs.

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